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The Constable is the oldest Law Enforcement position within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. While the position has a rich history, it has been modified by the Pennsylvania legislature in 1994.


Constables have statewide jurisdiction, but powers that are limited by statute. They are not authorized to enforce the vehicle code.


The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) oversees training while the local Court of Common Pleas oversees the constable. Unledd grandfathered in before the training requirements, all certified constables have passed each module of an 80-hour course. All certified constables must keep current with 40 hours of updated training annually. Additional training is mandated if the constable will carry a firearm in the performance of his duty - this is optional, but generally recommended.


Quincy's constable was elected in November 2003 as a write-in candidate.


Quincy Township's Constable is Act 44 Certified, Firearms Certified, and certified in OC and Baton.



Duties of the Constable:

may include

  • Service of civil & criminal subpoenas

  • Service of civil process

  • Service of Protection from Abuse orders (PFA's)

  • Service of Divorce papers

  • Service of an Order of Possession

  • Service of arrest warrant

  • Courtroom security

  • Prisoner Transport

  • Eviction

  • Truancy Enforcement

  • Poll monitoring & security




Contact the Constable: constable@quincypa.us

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